USS Darmok Specifications









The Darmok is an Advanced Scout, designed to perform long-range reconnaissance for Combat Task Forces in time of war. During times of peace, its exceptional sensor capabilities make it an ideal vessel to explore the uncharted sections of the galaxy.

The ship is relatively small, highly maneuverable, fast over short distances, and moderately armed. The heart of the ship is the Reconnaissance Suite. With its Dome, made from state of the art materials, and its dedicated, linked computer network, the sensor capacity of the Darmok far exceeds that of other Starfleet Vessels and other known races. This provides the Darmok with the ability to gain strategic advantage over other vessels, by being able to locate, identify and target other ships before they can even detect the advanced scout. Such information can then be passed back through a subspace command and control network to other Federation Vessels, permitting long-range weapons fire to be remotely brought to bear on the unsuspected target.


Primary Data:

Designation: USS Darmok

Registration: NCC-9764

Type: Advanced Scout

Physical Characteristics:

Length: 357 meters

Beam: 274 meters

Draft: 85 meters

Decks: 10 (excluding Reconnaissance Dome and Main Deflector)

Displacement: 232,195 metric tons

Crew Complement:

Command Crew: 11

Officers: 20

Enlisted: 80

Guest Quarters: 5

Converted Maximum Capacity: 200

Computer Systems:

Main Computer: M-11-E Duotronic - Deck 8

Core Memory: 1800 dedicated modules

      w/144 isolinear optical storage chips each

Core Elements: 1,000 FTL nanoprocessor units

      arranged in optical clusters

Interface: LCARS generation V

Primary Hull Materials:

Exterior shell substrate: Interlaced Microfoam-Duranium Filaments

Outer Most Hull Layer: Ablative ceramic fabric bonded w/ tritanium

Laminate skins: Venidium-Carbonite composite

Main structural members: Plastialloy-III


Secondary Hull Materials:

Thermal Insulation: Low Density Ceramic-Polymer Composites

Radiation Attenuation: Monocrystal beryllium silicate


Note: The main hull of the Darmok is built using a unitary-construction technique to guarantee maximum hull integrity and tensile strength. Accordingly, the Darmok cannot be separated in times of distress. Either warp nacelle can be jettisoned in an extreme emergency with the concurrence of two (2) Senior Officers. However, the nacelles can be reattached only at a major Starfleet maintenance facility, and they must be towed there at speeds below Warp 3.

Transporter Capability:

Personnel: 6

Cargo: 6

Emergency: 2



Maximum Impulse Speed: 0.978 C

Standard Cruise: Warp 6.8

Maximum Cruise: Warp 9.93

Emergency: Warp 9.985 (for 30 minutes)

Reconnaissance Dome:

Materials: **Access Restricted**

Computers: **Access Restricted**


Support Vessels:

Warp-capable Runabouts: 2 (Australis & Borealis)

Non-warp Standard Shuttles: 4 Type 18 Shuttle Pods

Worker Bee Maintenance Shuttles: 4

Sphinx Workpods: 2

Reconnaissance Craft: **Access Restricted**

Weapon Systems:

System (a): Forward, Dorsal Type XII phaser array (1)

System (b): Forward, Ventral Type XII phaser array (1)

System (c): Aft, Dorsal Type XII phaser array (1)

System (d): Aft, Ventral Type X phaser banks (2)

      under Port Nacelle housing

System (e): Aft, Ventral Type X phaser banks (2)

      under Starboard Nacelle housing

System (f): Forward, Port Quantum Torpedo launcher (1)

System (g): Forward, Starboard Quantum Torpedo launcher (1)

System (h): Aft, Centerline Quantum Torpedo launcher (1)



Deck A **Access Restricted**. Upper Reconnaissance Dome (accessible from exterior only)

Deck B **Access Restricted**. Lower Reconnaissance Dome (accessible from Deck 1 only)

Deck 1 **Access Restricted**. Reconnaissance Dome access and maintenance facilities (fwd/ctr), Reconnaissance systems core (ctr), Cargo Transporter 1 (aft), Cargo Bay 1 (aft)

Deck 2. Senior Officer's Quarters (fwd), mess hall (port), XO's office (stbd), Reconnaissance systems core (ctr) **Access Restricted**, Escape pods (aft)

Deck 3. Phaser (a) array and control systems, Transporters 1-3 (fwd), Reconnaissance systems computers (ctr) **Access Restricted**, Quantum Torpedo launcher (h)(aft)

Deck 4. Family quarters 1-5 (fwd), Shuttle Bays 1 & 2 (port/stbd), Reconnaissance systems computers (ctr) **Access Restricted**, Phaser (c) array and control systems (aft)

Deck 5. Bridge, Captain's Ready Room (port), Observation Lounge (stbd), Quantum Torpedo launcher (f)(port), Quantum Torpedo launcher (g)(stbd), Emergency transporters 1-2 (ctr), Sickbay & CMO's office, Counselor's Office, Escape pods (aft)

Deck 6. Lounge (fwd) ["Six-Forward"], Junior Officer's quarters 1-15 (port), 16-30 (stbd), Science Labs & CSO's office (ctr), Garden (ctr), Gym (ctr), Security/Brig & CSEC's office, Escape pods (aft)

Deck 7. Phaser (b) array and control systems (fwd), Junior Officer's quarters 31-40, Escape pods (port), Junior Officer's quarters 41-50, Escape pods (stbd), Life/Environmental support (ctr), Deuterium storage (aft)

Deck 8. Main computer (fwd), Main Science Lab (fwd), Transporters 4-6 (ctr), Cargo Transporters 2-3 (ctr), Upper Cargo Bay 2 (ctr), Upper Engineering (aft), Upper Warp Reactor Core (ctr/aft), Upper Impulse Engine (aft)

Deck 9. Guest quarters 1-5 (fwd), Escape pods (port/stbd), Cargo Transporters 4-5 (ctr), Lower Cargo Bay 2 (ctr), Main Engineering & CEO's office (aft), Lower Warp Reactor Core (ctr/aft), Lower Impulse Engine (aft)

Deck 10. Holodeck (fwd), Emergency Batteries (port/stbd), Escape pods (ctr), Lower Engineering (aft), Warp Reactor Ejector system (ctr/aft), access to Warp nacelles (port/stbd), Anti-matter containment facilities (aft), Cargo Transporter 6 (aft), Cargo Bay 3 (aft)

Deck C. Upper Deflector Cone (accessible from Lower Engineering)

Deck D. Lower Deflector Cone (accessible from Deck C and exterior)